Terms and Conditions

  • This website is built to provide customers with vehicle media / Audio / Radio / SatNav anti-theft codes online search and order services.
  • Provided vehicle audio anti-theft / security codes are generated from car Radio / SatNav serial numbers using decryption algorithms and small part of codes are delivered from factory original Radio / SatNav serial=code databases. We do not calculate and supply codes to customers from vehicle VIN numbers.
  • Vehicle Radio / SatNav unit removal from the Vehicle dashboard might be necessary to ensure accuracy of selection of manufacturer model, serial number and part number of the units anti-theft codes we provide to you.
  • We guarantee that Radio / SatNav codes we deliver to customers are factory original radio codes.
  • This service is not free. You will be shown the final price of code calculation right after the selection of appropriate model of units.
  • All Payments are done via secure encrypted SSL payment gateway, providing customers with various and secure payment methods - PayPal, Credit/Debit card, Wire transfers, Check etc. Feel free to use it.
  • Code service system is fully automated. All codes are delivered to customers by email instantly upon payment completion.
  • We do not collect and share any information about our customers except the ones necessary to check and deliver code online service to them
  • We do not provide customers with vehicle media removal instructions, code entry instructions etc. We only provide them with factory original Radio / SatNav codes and necessasary explanations to obtain unit serial numbers.
  • We do not take responsibility in illegal use of the information (Radio / SatNav codes) we deliver to our customers. Any illegal use of this information remains under responsibility of customers receiving this service from us.
  • As mentioned above all codes delivered to our customers are factory original codes, however they would not help you to bring units in working conditions in the following cases:

    - When units are phisically damaged and need to be repaired first;

    - When customer do not use proper code entry instructions from owners manual of audio units;

    - When Radio / SatNav factory original codes are changed previously, by re-programming radio MCU/EEPROM chip content;

    - When the radio has "USER CODE" mode and customer sets own codes;

    - When too many wrong code entry attempts are made and radio is blocked (showing "WAIT", "LOCK" etc);

    - When vehicle Radio / SatNav units are protected with additional futures like IMMO protection etc., units are not installed in original cars, units are locked and showing "CANCHECK", "IMMO", "PROD", "DISABLED" etc.

    Please, take this into account before applying to our online service, we do not take responsibility and do not refund in case of any violation of terms and conditions listed under this section above.

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